this project is about some people who born on 1986 (30 years ago) like me. all of us living in Iran. when we born our country had in war and when we were 3 years old the war ended. you can see some stamp in those photo they print in 1986 and i take my photos by scanner in this project . i want to work on this project 10 years later when we are 40 years old. and i talk to all of my characters during this 10 years and i have some video now. we have same experience in this 30 years because of location of our country we live so different from the other people. you can see some object in this photos and you can guess their job and interest you can find theirs interesting things in stamp. i know its not just photography its mix media art. now i want to say something about voice that were heard in exhibition you can hear voice of all of our president and some of famous song in iran and i read important news of those 30 years on this voice.