Taraneh Khodai 1986/Tehran/Iran
mehr arak university Degree NameBachelor of Architecture (BArch) Field Of StudyArchitecture Dates attended or expected graduation2009 – 2011
sanati mazandaran university Degree NameAssociate Degree in Architectural Engineering Field Of StudyArchitecture Dates attended or expected graduation2006 – 2008
I was born in Tehran , iran and still live there today. I find the intersection of old and new in this beautiful land keep me on my toes with new ideas and forms to photograph all the time. I have been painting since I was very little and have always found it to be a way to lose myself in thought and inspiration. Time and place can seem endless to me when I paint and the love of keep me going. When I graduated from high school , I found myself interested in architecture and that’s when I attended university of architecture in iran. After graduating I pursed my love for the arts and continued my education in photography . now I love art and art and art. I am always interested in constructing. Therefore,I chose architecture as my field of study at university. During all the years at university, I was keen on the forms rather than spatial learning in architecture. My works are always the reflection of my thoughts. The pictures and sculptors have been formed. I never could call myself as a photographer, sculptor or architecture since idea is the most significant point I have always had in my mind. First, the ideas come to my mind then the materials, one day mirrir another scanner,… Although I would not work by this thoughts but feminity weiraly feels in my works. Because of my interests in Iranian architecture it always shows in every single work.

Solo Exhibition
• 2017, 1365.95.1405, Jorjani Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
• 2015, In the mirror, Mohsen Art Gallery, Tehran, iran
• 2014, Me, Sabz Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

Group exhibition
• 2017,Photo Exhibition, on (photo) paper, without name,IRAN
• 2014 , photo exhibition , 30 voices, USA.