The mirrors of this series seem as metaphors and shapes exalted to a state of splendor belonging to the objects of *“mirror stage” through which subject can redefine his/her “self” through comparing those thousand-piece and repetitive details of “I” , With all their details, the mirrors drown us in “The real order” , They might be images of those things we cannot reach, of those eternal gut-wrenching losses, Mirrors are reminding us of our imaginary stage, a remembrance which is transitory like that of mirror’s reflections, The hollow spaces in some of the presented pieces are reflecting relationships in which presence of the “Other” is not filling the void left of life deprivations but even may leave a newer and deeper one in the flesh of “I”, Image of people who come over to fill the void left of life deprivations, oblivious to the fact that human, relation and deprivation can only develop a whole cycle when they are all together